Technology Accessibility at SU

Ensuring Access for Individuals with Disabilities

Information and Communication Technology accessibility at SU means ensuring that all technology is usable by the greatest number of students, faculty and staff possible, including those with disabilities, so that everyone is able to participate to the maximum extent that they can.Syracuse University values diversity, is committed to inclusion, and is working to integrate accessibility into all levels of technology, from procurement to implementation to individual use. Accessibility enables full participation by all people regardless of their individual learning styles and abilities.

Our Focus

The focus of the Technology Accessibility initiative at SU is to:

  • Implement a campus-wide Information and Communications Technology Accessibility Policy
  • Provide training and information for creating and maintaining an accessible technology environment at SU
  • Evaluate IT products for accessibility during the procurement process
  • Monitor compliance of existing campus technologies with the policy

Committed to Inclusion and Accessibility

Student using a wheelchair

Visit Accessible Syracuse for more campus resources.