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Skipping Navigation

Anyone who relies on a keyboard to navigate the web knows exactly how important those little ‘Skip Navigation’ links are. If you need convincing, check out Nicholas Steenhout’s latest blog post on Knowbility: Skip Links are Important

Designing UI with Color Blind Users in Mind

When we talk about web accessibility we talk quite a bit about color contrast, but contrast isn’t the only consideration. In this blog post entitled Designing UI with Color Blind Users in Mind, Rich Staats at Secret Stache goes over the different types of color blindness, the careful use of patterns, textures, and labels to improve access to graphical content, and things to thing about with buttons, labels, and symbols.

CSS Tricks: Focusing on Focus Styles

We talk a lot about the importance of keyboard focus when it comes to web accessibility. In a recent blog post entitled Focusing on Focus Styles Eric Bailey goes over the CSS techniques that will allow you to add accessible focus styles to all of your mouse and touch input elements so that people who use a keyboard, a mouse, a switch control, a mouth stick, or other assistive device can successfully interact with your page.

What’s going on with Gutenberg?

You may have heard about the new content editor that will be rolling out to WordPress sites with version 5.0, and if you have then you are aware of the kerfuffle that surrounds the decision to move forward with Gutenberg despite its accessibility problems. If you haven’t been following along, get caught up with Andy Bell’s recent post on Smashing Magazine called What Can Be Learned From The Gutenberg Accessibility Situation?

I Threw Away My Mouse by Manuel Matuzovic

Those of you who have been involved in accessibility testing of websites on campus or who have attended our Evaluating Your Website for Accessibility workshops have heard about the importance of keyboard navigation to web accessibility. Manuel Matuzovic, a front-end developer and accessibility blogger from Austria conducted an experiment to see if the web would be usable and accessible if he were unable to use a mouse. He blogged about his results in a post called I Threw Away My Mouse. Spoiler alert: the answer is no, not really.